Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sneak Peek #2 - Brand New from Tonic - Sail Away with Me

Hi Everyone

Here is another peek at Tonic Studios Brand New Dimensions Sweet Treat Box Collection launching Thursday 30th March with Jodie Johnson on Hochanda TV at 8pm.  I hope you see the shows.

So here is my little unusual project? I must admit I forgot to take the final photo with it fully decorated....a silly little mistake that you will have to forgive... ;).  I hope you like the idea as I had fun making it.  Fill it up with sweets but make them marshmallows we don't want it to sink! lol

What I Used

Tonic Studios Dimensions Cake Slice Box Die Set
Tonic Studios Tangerine Die Cutting Machine

What I Did
  • Die cut four navy blue cake box pieces.
  • Die cut four rectangle detailed verso pieces from white card, two triangle pieces and two small rectangle pieces.  Next cut the light blue panels using the outer dies to match verso detailed ones.  Glue matching pieces together.
  • Take the cake slice box pieces and glue to form box shapes making sure not to glue the opening.
  • To glue boxes to make boat shape - take open flaps, and slot into each other with triangle points facing outwards and glue in place.
  • Next to make box insert - cut a piece of card at 7" x 7" and score at 1 7/8" around all edges.  Glue to form box.  Insert into centre of cake boxes and glue into position.
  • To make the sail - cut two triangle shapes to desired size.  Take a straw and cut slits in it with a craft knife then insert sail pieces into slots created to hold in place.  I used a mini cotton reel to secure to base of the boat by pushing the straw into centre hole and gluing in position.
  • Decorate the sail to suit.
We hope you have been inspired.

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Sneak Peek - Brand New from Tonic - Dimensions Sweet Treat Collection

Hi Everyone

How exciting to have moved to Tonic's New Home over on Hochanda!!  So many new and exciting releases for you on this launch week! 

Tune in on Thursday 30th March at 8pm for Tonic Studios Hochanda TV  debut and the exclusive Launch of the brand new Dimensions Sweet Treat Collection - The Cake Slice Box, The Triangle Aspect Box and Cupcake and Treat box.

Join Jodie Johnson as she demonstrates these beautiful easy to assemble boxes. Perfect for creating favour boxes, decorations and place settings.

Watch on Freeview 85 // SKY 663 // Freesat 817 // Online in ...HD at // Tonic Studios Facebook and YouTube Channel //

So here is my first project for you and I hope you like it :)  It makes a fab Easter project.  Add a rabbit buildable die for a little fun.

What I Used

Tonic Studios Dimensions Triangle Aspect Box
Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set – 1635E
Tonic Studios Three Shadowbox Insert Die Set – 1637E
Tonic Studios Beautiful Blooms Sunburst Gazania – 1288E
Tonic Studios Beautiful Blooms – Gerbera Daisy – 1287E
Tonic Studios Dimensions – Window Box – Entangled Terrace – 1563E

What I Did
  • Die cut six orange triangle aspect box pieces.  Each box needs two.  Fold and glue together.  Cut four detailed panels for each box and glue into position.  Cut three sets of leaves from green card using the Beautiful Blooms Die sets, plus a small flower.  Punch a hole in centre of flower, poke leaves through holes.  Bend the bottom tip and glue under the flower.  Add this to the top of each box on one side of flap only.
  • Die cut two shadow boxes in brown.  Fold and glue one box together (long sides first).
  • Take the second die cut piece and using a small square die, cut three evenly spaced apertures.  then fold and glue box together.
  • Cut two pieces of brown card the length and height of the box and two pieces the width and height of the box. 
  • Glue the long panels to the long sides of aperture box shadow part facing upwards,  Turnover and glue the second box to the panels with the shadow part of box facing up.  Add the shorter panels to each end.
  • Cut the detailed frame from insert set plus a plain frame.,  Glue together and add to top edge of aperture shadow box .  Decorate outside of box using the detailed dies from the Bendy Card set and the beautiful blooms. 
  • When all finished sit the carrot boxes into the apertures to stand up.

We hope you have been inspired.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sneak Peek - Tonic Studios Brand New Dot and Drops Dies

Hi Everyone

Here's another Sneak Peek this time showcasing the Brand New Dot and Drop Dies.  I don't know about you but I find it hard to apply my dots with even gaps!  But these new dies are great to make this so easy and the designs are fabulous.  They surely will add that special professional looking finish to your projects.

Join Jodie Tonic Johnson on Create & Craft TV this Monday 20/3/17 8am.

What I Used

Tonic Studios Dot and Drop Dies
Tonic Studios Large Layering Die – Ornate Frame – 1111E
Tonic Studios Miniature Moments Die – Sent with Love – 1254E
Tonic Studios Beautiful Blooms - Sweet Melia – 1286E
Tonic Studios Nuvo Crystal Drops Collection – Ebony Black – 650n
Tonic Studios Tangerine Die cutting Machine - 147E
Tonic Studios Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive – 200N
Tonic Studios Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens – Autumn Woodland – 890N

What I Did
  • Create a 7" square black card blank layer with green card.  Next cut a square of scrapbook paper.
  • Use one of the dies to add dot impressions onto top scrapbook paper layer. 
  • Distress the edges of the papers with a thread cutter and then add a little Aqua flow Black ink using a piece of foam around the edges.
  • Cut two tag shapes using the smaller dies in the Ribbons and Bows Die Set.  Distress with the thread cutter and add ink around the edges.  Die cut the dot and drop placement into one tag.
  • Take Nuvo Black Gloss Drops and dot over all marked areas created by dies.  Leave to dry.
  • Once dots are dry mount the square onto card front and attach the tags.
  • Die cut a frame from green card using the Ornate Ovals dies and also a fancy frame in black card.  Add 3D foam pads to rear of layered frame and attach to card front.
  • Die cut the greeting from black and yellow card, shadow and add to card,
  • Die cut some flowers from yellow card and tone down with the Aquaflow pens.  Die cut the leaves and add some veins using a ball tool.
  • Build the flowers and add them to the card front to finish.

The unique Dot & Drop dies offer both a decorative design and a handy guideline for using your Crystal, Glitter, Jewel and Glow Drops. The beautiful swirling patterns, strips and corners provide accurate placement for these Nuvo products, transforming your creations into something special. By placing a drop on each deboss mark..., you can easily achieve a perfect finish to your card or paper craft project. Where there’s a dot, place a drop!

We hope you have been inspired.

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Sneak Peek - NEW from Tonic Studios - Rococo City Scenes Die Sets

Hello Everyone

I hope you can join Jodie Tonic Johnson on Create & Craft TV this Monday from 8am for Tonic Studios Brand New Rococo City Scenes together with Dot and Drop Die Sets and Glow in the Dark Drops.  A lot for you all in one set of shows!  Wow!

Introducing the brand new Rococo City Scene die sets and stamps, perfect for your travel based cards and projects.

• These dies are perfect centrepieces for jetsetters
• Featuring well known landmarks and features
• Highly Illustrated die sets that are perfect for focal points of card projects.

Today I am sharing a little Rococo City Scenes Die Set project and I have chosen the London Landmarks set to work with.  So let's have some fun..... :)

What I Used

Tonic Studios Rococo Travel Die Set - London Landmarks – 1628E
Tonic Studios Rococo Travel Die Set - City Skyline – 1631E
Tonic Studios Jetsetter Passport Stamp Sets
Tonic Studios Dimensions – Kings Cross – 765E
Tonic Studios Essential Card Pack – Gracious Grey 216GSM – 790E
Tonic Studio Funky Glue 29.5ml – 421E
Tonic Studios Tangerine Die Cutting Machine - 147E

   1628E_PACKED_1000_RGB  1631E_PACKED_1000_RGB

What I Did
  • Using the Kings Cross Bag die cut it twice in dark grey card.  Stamp the chosen images in black in onto bag pieces and assemble bag.  Line the inside top, base and sides with printed or stamped paper.  Add handle and embellishments to corners.
  • Die cut two cityscape pieces one in black and the other in dark grey.
  • Die cut Tower Bridge in mid grey, London eye and The Gherkin in pale grey and Big Ben in a stone colour.
  • Cut 5 strips of acetate at 3/8" wide by width of bag plus 1/4" tab at either end of this strip.
  • Tape the die cut pieces onto the acetate strips.
  • Next arrange and attach the strips into the bag base using DS tape on tabs.
  • Using the Jetsetter/Passport stamps, stamp chosen words and cut out.  Also stamp the plane in black, cut out and add to bag lid in background.
We hope you have been inspired.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sneak Peek #3 - NEW Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - Beach Hut Drawers

Hello Everyone

Hope you are liking all the Sneak Peeks from me and the Design Team at Tonic Studios - we absolutely love these sets!

Today I am sharing a project I made using the Shadow Box Die Set but this time I have made a set of drawers. It will make a great gift filled with chocolate....mmmmmm but maybe that is just me

So let's start.......

What I Used

Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - 1635E
Tonic Studios Gingerbread House Die Set - 747E
Tonic Studios Essentials – Attraction Simple Type – Upper Case – 1682E
Tonic Studios Cotton Papers
Tonic Studios Craft Perfect Card - Ivory White A4 216gsm – 9015E
Tonic Studios Funky Glue Pen - 421E
Double-Sided Scrapbook Papers
Wooden Buttons

What I Did
  • Die cut three Shadow Boxes from your chosen paper - I used double-sided scrapbook paper so that the inside of the boxes were lined.  Glue each of the long sides first and then glue the short ends into place to form your boxes.
  • Cut the beach hut front and back pieces from the scrapbook paper using the Gingerbread House Die Set.  Then cut strips of paper for the side walls and the roof. Glue the pieces together to form the hut.  Cut a mat with the coordinating die from Gingerbread House set.
  • To make drawer wraps - here I used a box making scoreboard on the bottom right-hand side.  Cut a piece of card at 3 7/8" x 10".  Each time you score, fold and butt the fold against board edge. Score at 5/8" - 5/8" - 7 1/8" - 5/8" - 5/8".  Cut another piece of car to 3 7/8" x 7 1/8" and glue into position to form box wrap.  Repeat this three times then glue one on top of other to form chest of drawers.
  • Cut card and decorative paper to size for the sides and top of the drawers holder and glue into position.  This will make it nice and firm.
  • Take some pale blue card and tear a piece to fit across left-hand corner.  Glue to top of drawer unit.  Next use some sand coloured card and tear a piece to fit the corner slightly smaller than the blue piece.  Glue in place.
  • Add Beach Hut to top of drawer unit. 
  • Glue some buttons onto drawer fronts as handles.
  • Die cut some letters from the alphabet set, shadow and add to top of drawers.
  • To finish add some art stones, small shells etc (which I didn't have in my stash!)
  • Enjoy!

Sneak Peek Two - NEW Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - In the Past Frames

Hello Everyone

I'm back with another Sneak Peek of the NEW Tonic Studios Shadowbox Creations Dies Set - it is so versatile.  You create cards, frames, boxes and draws to mention a handful.

Today I am sharing my In the Past Frames - this project is ideal for a really special Mother's Day or birthday project and it is so easy to make with this set of dies as you have everything you need to add those gorgeous professional finishing touches.

So let's get started.......

What I Used

Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - 1635E
Tonic Studios Shadow Box Insert Dies Set
Tonic Studios Craft Perfect Card - A4 216gsm – Bright White - 9016E
Tonic Studios Funky Glue Pen - 421E
Tonic Studio Layering Butterfly Die Set – 530E
Green and Pink Spotty Card
Vintage Pictures
Pink Plain Card

What I Did

  • Cut two shadowboxes in pink spotty and two in plain pink card.  Glue to form frames - construct the frame by sticking the long sides first, then the shorter ones in place. 
  • Cut four detailed insert frames from the brilliant white card keeping the cut out centre pieces for later.  Also cut two solid spotty frames and two solid pink frames.  Glue the detailed frame pieces to the solid frames. 
  • Next cut three 1" wide strips of card from scrap left and score down the length at 1/2" and fold in half.  Glue the left-hand side of the folded strip to the right-hand side of a spotty box.  Then glue the second half of the strip to the front left-hand side of a plain pink box.
  • To attach the third spotty box repeat the step above but glue to the back of the boxes.  Then the last strip will repeat and glue to the front again.  The boxes will now concertina fold.  Cut pink spotty rectangle panels to fit rear of boxes so that the strips are covered on the back of the project.
  • To cover the glued strips adhere the decorative frames to the front of the boxes.
  • Take the brilliant white rectangles that were removed from the detailed frames earlier, and glue them inside the boxes.
  • Cut two of the detailed inner panels from plain pink card and two solid panels from the green spotty card.  Choose the images you want, glue to rear of picture apertures.  Glue the green spotty card to the rear of the inner aperture panel and add to inside of boxes.
  • Cut two ovals out to act as a vase base.  Die cut the flowers from the new sets, layer together to form the flower heads.  Die cut the leaves.  Glue in position and add butterflies to finish.
  • Enjoy!