Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sneak Peek #3 - NEW Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - Beach Hut Drawers

Hello Everyone

Hope you are liking all the Sneak Peeks from me and the Design Team at Tonic Studios - we absolutely love these sets!

Today I am sharing a project I made using the Shadow Box Die Set but this time I have made a set of drawers. It will make a great gift filled with chocolate....mmmmmm but maybe that is just me

So let's start.......

What I Used

Tonic Studios Shadow Box Creation Die Set - 1635E
Tonic Studios Gingerbread House Die Set - 747E
Tonic Studios Essentials – Attraction Simple Type – Upper Case – 1682E
Tonic Studios Cotton Papers
Tonic Studios Craft Perfect Card - Ivory White A4 216gsm – 9015E
Tonic Studios Funky Glue Pen - 421E
Double-Sided Scrapbook Papers
Wooden Buttons

What I Did
  • Die cut three Shadow Boxes from your chosen paper - I used double-sided scrapbook paper so that the inside of the boxes were lined.  Glue each of the long sides first and then glue the short ends into place to form your boxes.
  • Cut the beach hut front and back pieces from the scrapbook paper using the Gingerbread House Die Set.  Then cut strips of paper for the side walls and the roof. Glue the pieces together to form the hut.  Cut a mat with the coordinating die from Gingerbread House set.
  • To make drawer wraps - here I used a box making scoreboard on the bottom right-hand side.  Cut a piece of card at 3 7/8" x 10".  Each time you score, fold and butt the fold against board edge. Score at 5/8" - 5/8" - 7 1/8" - 5/8" - 5/8".  Cut another piece of car to 3 7/8" x 7 1/8" and glue into position to form box wrap.  Repeat this three times then glue one on top of other to form chest of drawers.
  • Cut card and decorative paper to size for the sides and top of the drawers holder and glue into position.  This will make it nice and firm.
  • Take some pale blue card and tear a piece to fit across left-hand corner.  Glue to top of drawer unit.  Next use some sand coloured card and tear a piece to fit the corner slightly smaller than the blue piece.  Glue in place.
  • Add Beach Hut to top of drawer unit. 
  • Glue some buttons onto drawer fronts as handles.
  • Die cut some letters from the alphabet set, shadow and add to top of drawers.
  • To finish add some art stones, small shells etc (which I didn't have in my stash!)
  • Enjoy!


  1. Love this Mandy, so useful for all sorts especially chocolates 😉 xx

  2. Love this Mandy, so useful for all sorts especially chocolates 😉 xx

  3. stunning, I'm going to make this to display my buttons in xxx

  4. Thank you Chrissy - what a great idea .. MJ xx