Saturday, 1 October 2016

Party Shoes with Tonic Studios New Nuvo Sparkle Dust

Good Afternoon Everyone

As it's nearly the weekend and us girls love to get dressed up to go out for that special night I thought I would share this project (or at least half this with you.  It's so easy to add some sparkle and glamour to a plain pair of shoes to give them that Wow factor!  All you need is glue, a brush and Tonic Studios Nuvo Sparkle Dust... so let's get started.

Post Sparkle Dust-ification 
Pre-Sparkle Dust

What I Did 

  • First find shoes you want to bling up and give them a good clean to remove any dirt or grease.
  • Next get an old pot to mix glue in.  Pour some Nuvo Adhesive into pot and then mix in some Sparkle Dust.
  • Then using a brush paint the mixture all over the shoe.  This will give a good base to build on.  Leave to dry.  Once dry add some more of the glue mix but this time holding the shoe over a box/tray, sprinkle the shoe with Sparkle Dust direct from pot.  Make sure all areas with glue are covered.  Wipe away any excess glue from inside shoe and sole. Leave to dry.  
  • Once dry tap off excess glitter.  Use a soft brush to burnish and smooth glitter.  This will get off any last remaining loose glitter.
  • Now you are ready to dance the night away - enjoy!

What I Used

Tonic Studios Nuvo Sparkle Dust - Silver Sequin
Forever Moments Matt Adhesive
Soft Brush

We hope you have been inspired.

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