Monday, 15 December 2014

Tonic Studios Rococo Dragonfly Brooch Project


Hi Everyone

MJ has a quick and easy project for you today using the new Dragonfly Brooch die simply as a brooch – who would have thunk!  The photo is not very good so we apologise for this now.  It is a lot bluer in the flesh…honest.  Am determine to show the blue…leave it with MJ a few mins!


Dragonfly Brooch Dec 14


The first thing you need to do is die cut three Dragonflies from card and glue together. Next take Distress Inks in Salty Ocean and Peacock Feathers and colour both sides of the piece.  Then use a flourish design stamp over the top in a toning ink.  MJ used Cobalt Archival Ink and an Indigoblu mini Vintage Flourish stamp.

This picture is a little better we think….




Whilst the ink is drying pop on your melt pot, if you have one, or use a foil pie dish and make a spout on the edge and hold it with a grab-it tool.  Add enough powder so that you will be able to dip the piece into it, once melted, without burning yourself (MJ much prefers her melt pot but has done it both ways). MJ used WOW Melt-It powder but you can use UTEE.  Hold the dragonfly using a Grab-It tool and dip it carefully in the pot until it is coated removing excess on the edge of pot.  Leave to cool – DO NOT TOUCH whilst still hot you don’t want to burn yourself!

When completely cold MJ added some Treasure Gold – Aquamarine gilding paste and attached a brooch back to rear using Tonic Tacky Glue.  There you have it!


Dragonfly Brooch Dec 14


What Was Used

Tonic Studios Rococo Dragonfly Brooch Die – 76E

Tonic Tacky Glue

WOW! Melt-It Powder – WA50

Treasure Gold Metallic Wax Finish – Aquamarine

Indigoblu Dinkie Vintage Flourish Stamp

Archival Ink – Cobalt

Distress Inks – Salty Ocean and Peacock Feathers


We hope you have been inspired.

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